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An expat guide to getting around in dubai and UAE region

Almost 90% of the workforce in dubai are foreigners, many expats choose to work in dubai region, mainly due to its higher pay. A lot of new expats who are new to the country might not know their way around dubai, so the enclosed guide below is to offer some tips on getting around in dubai

  1. Wiki travel guide in dubai
    It comes with a very comprehensive guide as to how to get around the city in dubai. This is one of the more comprehensive guides found about dubai, it basically gives you an overview of everything, like where to find bars, clubs, shopping malls, etc
  2. International health insurance & Healthcare

Health insurance is still one of the most important forms of insurance you need to get in dubai in order to help & protect yourself

3. Dubai tourist destination

For those who have a bit of free time on weekends or like to enjoy their time as soon as they get to dubai, this site lists out some of the best places to visit in dubai. It will definitely give you some ideas as to where to visit as soon as you land

4. 10 things you should do

Apart from tourist destination, there are other things that are definitely worth your time. This site gives you an idea what other fund things to do in dubai

5. Theme park

Dubai comes with some of the biggest buildings, shopping malls, parks, etc, so you definitely cant afford to miss the biggest theme park in the world located in dubai